A different take

Thinking about the climate that we are currently in you can’t have people close and for most people they view that as a negative. I look at it as a positive. Not that oh we’re protecting ourselves from getting sick kind of positive but a look who i get to keep close kind of positive. […]

Voiceless for the voice

When you write people expect you to ha be things to say…….that is not the case here. Many thoughts cross the landscape of my mind but none seem valid enough to blog about. So I decided to write about not being able to write. Doing so hopefully will jump start the engine that is my […]


Sometimes it pays to come home unexpectedly. I used the backdoor and she had no idea is was there. I heard sounds coming from the room and decided to take my shoes off and tip toe to the door. It was partially cracked open. There she lay in all her glory and in her moment. […]


Temptation by definition is to desire to do something that is unwise. It is unwise for me to want to touch your flesh. It is unwise for me to crave your body against mine knowing the outcome. It is unwise to play with fire but i desire you. I yearn to have you in every […]

Woman…I cherish

Duality is a language best spoken by those who carry the womb. But more than a simple duel role but that of countless positions. Scheduler,organizer,planner,motivator,nurturer,problem solver,financial supervisor and so many more that could be named. All contained in one single vessel and run off one single battery. Energizer should be designing itself after them. Self […]

“Sing me a song!” Such a request could not be declined but first let me find the right lyrics and pick the right notes. I pulled her close to me and started to run my fingers up and down her body. she asked what I was doing. I had to tell her. I read your […]

Imagine all the places….

Lennon may have said it best “Imagine all the people,living life so free….” What if life was free? Free of judgements and objectifying opinions of what it or who people should be. In a world where no one would judge your for what you believe or how you choose to live. What would you say […]

A different hunger

She’s been teasing me for quite some time now. She knows how my hunger grows in her presence. Here she is again walking by and i can smell her sweet scent. It permeates my entire being and i begin to envision tasting her. Having her flow pass my lips and into my very core. I […]


I want to kiss. Not the nice peck on the cheek or small touch of the lips kind of kids either. Not that “I’m kissing you because that’s what we’re supposed to do” kind of kiss that people do when they’ve fallen out of love and fallen into routine kind of kiss either. I want […]

The shower

What is it about being in the shower that is so freeing to my spirit. The flow of the warm water,being cut off from other sounds,maybe even the idea of being shrouded by the closed door or the curtain. I’m not sure but something about that scenario allows me to hear the voices of creativity. […]